lpcci175 Lions Project for
Canine Companions
for Independence


"Exceptional Dogs for Exceptional People"

Mission Statement:
    LPCCI is a non-profit organization formed in 1983 to educate, raise funds and to seek puppy raisers for Canine Companions for Independence.

  • Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) pioneered the concept of training specially-bred dogs to help people with disabilities other than blindness. Founded in 1975, CCI was the first in-depth program of its kind. Not only does CCI teach dogs the skills to bring independence to people with disabilities, they teach people with disabilities the skills needed to master an exceptional dog.
  • CCI dogs are uniquely prepared for their lives of service by living their first 16 to 18 months with volunteer "puppy raisers." These committed, caring, unselfish people socialize the dogs, taking them everywhere: the grocery store, work, the movies, shopping, to school, out in public, on airplanes, etc. This socialization together with the loving care these special dogs receive enable them to go everywhere their masters go.
  • Types of Assistance Teams:

    Service Teams - Adults and adolescents with physical disabilities who work with a Canine Companion to extend their abilities and utilize the dog to perform physical tasks such as pulling a wheelchair and retrieving dropped items.

    Skilled Companion Teams - Three part team comprised of child or adult with physical, developmental or emotional disabilities, a primary caretaker, and a Canine Companion who helps with physical tasks and creates a bond of companionship, affection and love.

    Facility Teams -  Adults who work as rehabilitation professionals,
    caregivers or educators and utilize a Canine Companion to improve the mental, physical or emotional health of those in their care.

    Hearing Teams - Adults who are hard of hearing or deaf who use a Canine Companion to alert them to everyday sounds such as doorbells, alarm clocks and smoke alarms.
  • The support of Lionism is greatly needed, now, more than ever.  There is NO charge for the dog.  Requests for assistance dogs are increasing, and so are the substantial costs involved in the lengthy process of breeding, raising, training, and placing a Canine Companion with a CCI graduate.

 Lions, Lioness, and other service clubs, working through the Lions Project can help CCI's efforts to offer greater independence and self-esteem to more people with disabilities.

    We have trustees in many states, and we are seeking support from Lions Clubs throughout the United States.  Interested Clubs or persons should contact their local Lion LPCCI representative or contact us directly.    



Contact Us:  Mailing address:

LPCCI National Office
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Santa Rosa, CA 95402

Street address:  2965 Dutton Ave.
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